Timothy-Hey Mom.

Timothy's Mom-Yes, Timothy?

Timothy-Can we go to Dairy Queen for lunch?

Timothy's Mom-No, Timothy. Because we're reading the Adventures of Pinocchio, and we're saving on money for Christmas shopping in December 

Timothy-I WANT DAIRY QUEEN! (6x)

Timothy's Mom-Timothy, stop acting like a spoiled brat. We're reading the Adventures of Pinocchio, and that's a capital final.

Timothy's Dad-Hey honey, we don't have the book of the Adventures of Pinocchio, that means you can take Timothy to Dairy Queen.

Timothy's Mom-Good news, Timothy, we can go to Dairy Queen since your dad said that he doesn't have the book of the Adventures of Pinocchio.

Timothy-Yay (6x)

Timothy's Mom-Let's get to the car.


Clerk-Welcome to Dairy Queen. How may I take your order?

Timothy's Mom-I would like a bacon cheeseburger with fries, a Dr. Pepper, and a vanilla milkshake, please.

Timothy-And I would like a bacon cheeseburger, fries, a large Coke with a hot fudge sundae, please.

Clerk-We're sorry to say this,but we are all out of hot fudge sundaes.

Timothy-What? Please tell me you're joking?

Clerk-Don't feel bad Timothy! how about you can have a peanut butter sundae instead.


Timothy's Mom-Because Timothy, there are no more hot fudge sundaes left. So would you like a peanut butter sundae instead?

Timothy-No! I want a hot fudge sundae so give it to me right now!

Clerk-Uh, oh!

Timothy's Mom-Timothy, you have no choice. You can either have a peanut butter sundae, or you can have nothing at all.

Timothy-I got a better idea. I'm gonna destroy Dairy Queen

(Woody Woodpecker takes the 6 kids to Dairy Queen)

Woody Woodpecker: Oh No, i think our idea of going to Dairy Queen is dead! we better leave before he will kill us all!

(the 6 kids are scared, and the 6 kids begins to cry)

(Timothy destroys Dairy Queen, people are screaming in panic and run away, and making the 6 kids that Woody Woodpecker is babysitting crying)


(at home)

Timothy's Dad-Timothy, I can't believe you destroyed Dairy Queen. you know that you could get arrested by the police for doing stuff like that. You are so grounded young man.

Timothy's Mom-Go upstairs to your room and go to bed, and we will take the TV and video games away from you!

(Meanwhile, Woody Woodpecker is comforting the 6 crying kids in the park)

Woody Woodpecker: Don't cry you 6, i hope that i have a better idea, how about we can go to my house & watch The Rescuers Down Under (1990) on VHS, and can you have some dinner at Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen as well!

6 kids: Thank You Woody Woodpecker, you just made us think about it now!