Corrupted bio (Feb 12, 2015) "WarrenIOP2L'#][PKJIOP['1Coo-coo-cook isopi a goodiop[]#';2lo-=]';;L2WO0D-]'CD-DVD iOjk huiodisney oidrhr kKKKKKKKKKkKKKKKKKK Seg-seg-seg-seg-seg Sega Sonic.EXE Sonic Bar:{)KachopNEY JKL;'2;" - His bio that was corrupted during the Dream Wave. (Genesis, rPart 1)

"Warren (3 GB of Personal Info later)" - his real bio (Memy9909 Gets Grounded #161, May 2012)

Warren Cook is a good guy, and the protangonst of some of Coldpure's videos.