Gavin Montgomery is going to the AMC Theaters.

Cast Edit

Julie as Maria Montgomery

Grace as Abriana Montgomery

Eric as Gavin Montgomery

Ivy as Sofia Montgomery

Joey as Evin Hoenever

Brian as Food Guy at Theaters

Transcript Edit

Gavin: Let's play Minecraft: Story Mode.

Evin: Hi Gavin, whatcha doing?

Gavin: I'm playing Minecraft: Story Mode on Xbox.

Evin: Oh, I thought you were making a grounded video out of Aztecgeek 9000.

Maria: Gavin, want to go to the AMC Theaters to see Ghostbusters: Answer the Call?

Gavin: Yes! Why wouldn't I?

Maria: Guys, come down here now.

Abby and Sofie: What is it, Mom?

Maria: We are seeing Ghostbusters: Answer the Call.

Abriana: I took Gavin to see Nine Lives without his phone, but before we could even watch it without Gavin having his phone, he grabbed his phone in a hurry and said he was ready and watched the beginning of the movie after he put his Android Smartphone in his pocket. I don't want to see Ghostbusters.

Maria: We are seeing Ghostbusters and that is final. Besides, I told Gavin to go back and grab his phone.