Evil Eric

If you've ever watched VanHoolA330BusFan1999's Nick series, you would know that since Episode 5: Rises, Eric Smith has stopped Nick from taking over the world. Eventually, he realized that If he could defeat Nick so many times, he could just as well take over the world. A young sniper named Ajax Blackwell opposed the idea. So, Eric hired an assassin named Rocko Valence to kill him. Unfortunately, he succeeded. Eventually, though, Rocko was killed by the Minecraft Army Squad, and on May 24, 2014, Eric's father, Diesel Smith, read his secret note that described the details of a prison breakout. Diesel reported Eric to the police, and he was incarcerated. The breakout then commenced, but Diesel's father, Brad Smith, shot out the tires of the car Eric and the other prisoners were escaping in. The car then fell into a bottomless pit. Brad and his wife, Jenny, then ungrounded Diesel for reporting Eric to the police.