Evil Diesel is an evil version of Diesel! Instead of grounding bad users, he grounds good users! He also likes to kill people, most notably Sparky the Dog, who was notable for getting rid of many GoAnihaters. He also revives bad users, and he is also very difficult to kill!

People he killed Edit

  • Sparky the Dog
  • Ultra Pecola
  • Pencil (BFDI)
  • Swag Man
  • Igor's Brother (Joe)


Name: Evil Diesel

Appearance: Diesel with red eyes

Bestie: Jenkem Junkie

Death: He was kicked by StickGuy into a pool of lava. With no help, he screamed. Suddenly, Lava StickGuy rose, carrying Evil Diesel's ashes. His ashes can be seen at the GoMuseum

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