Boris: Caillou, please do not use all of my money to buy anything expensive.

Caillou: Hahaha. I'll buy a car.

At the Honda store...

Caillou: Yes, I'd like a yellow Honda.

Person 1: A-okay!

Here's your Honda!

Caillou: Thanks!

(driving in Honda home)

Boris: Where's Caillou? Better use my Caillou Detector.

FONE: Cailoo is driving a car home.

Caillou is home.

Boris: Caillou, How dare you use all our money to buy a car?!

Doris: You are grounded, grounded, grounded for 14256378382772563738272828271276383938272726833739829182 years!

Rosie: Go to your room!