Kirby and Fourchsak's Snowball Frenzy is an upcoming episode of Adventures of Eric. It will be the 11th episode of the first season.


The episode opens when Fourchsak was having a good time out in the snow until he gets hit by a snowball. At first, he thought it was Eric who threw it, but then he realized that it was Kirby again! But before he could get near Kirby, Kirby overnuked him with snowballs until he was covered all over. And with that, Fourchsak started to attack Kirby with more snowballs. But he wasn't good at that. The first time he tried to make one, he accidentally made a snow question mark block, so he decided to fix it, but he reformed it into a snow spring, and the third time he tried, he reformed it into a snow mushroom. It was too late to reformed it again, so he threw it. But he missed Kirby and hit a sackperson who succeeded on making his perfect snowman and flinged him off the cliff. Then Fourchsak got hit again, but by a bigger snowball. Eventually, Fourchsak said he had enough and declared snow war. So, Fourchsak made a snowball launching contraption. But it didn't work. It blew up! Later, when Kirby was playing with his snowballs, Fourchsak threatened him again, but he made Kirby prepare to meet his maker, and he didn't mean Masahiro Sukarai (the creator of Kirby). Then Fourchsak launched snow missiles at him. But that failed miserably, because Kirby destroyed all of them!!! Eventually, Fourchsak was mad! So, during the sunset (it was 4:23pm), the snowland was covered by a huge shadow, which eventually covered Kirby too. Kirby thought it was a snowstorm until he saw Fourchsak again, this time, he was in his snow clown car, and he got some snow minions along with him. That was when the final Battle began! (P.S. It was an Undertale Battle.) Kirby managed to defeat them all! Fourchsak came into the battle after that. But he accidentally pushed the self-destruct button. Kirby retreated the battle, and it EXPLODED! The battle was over! Eric stopped them. But it rained snowballs, and completely covered the screen, and the episode ends.


Jonas Pilkeys - Writer, Storyboard Artist

James Sharp - Programmer

Stephen Swaby - Storyboard Artist

Eric Nagler - Storyboard Artist, Technology/Tools Manager, IT Manager

C. Eluborn - Artist, Animator

Juile Micheals - Animator, Designer

GoAnimate Sound Studio - Music

Scott Jackson - Director

Brian Sharp - Director


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